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Tapes degrade faster than you think! And they can become completely unplayable. Don't wait to transfer them to a more long-lasting format! Do you have a large library in different formats? Big documentary project? Archiving for a library or school? Memorial or tribute for a family member? No problem!

As a seasoned TV/film editor and colorist with over 260 credits (IMDB link), I have almost 30 years experience with all kinds of video formats and decks. Not all equipment is created equally! I have chosen legacy gear that has proven to provide the highest quality, and I am constantly researching the best way to transfer each kind of media.

Whether you have old disks, photos, slides, negatives, or audio recordings, I've got the equipment to transfer it. And because of my low overhead, I can offer very competitive rates.

...Or Do It Yourself

I also rent out many decks, computers and capture devices at reasonable rates. I can work with you to see what's best for your situation.

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