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I started out in 1986, in a touring rock band. I've spent lots of time in the recording studio, studied sound mixing in university, recorded and mixed sound for short films, and did sound editing on 60 TV episodes and over 200 podcast episodes. Suffice it to say, I know a lot about sound!

Audio tapes of all kinds are rapidly degrading! And it’s not just tape that degrades — your CDs and other optical discs may be breaking down even faster, thanks to disc rot and delamination. Convert your media to digital while you still can!  

Don't trust the cheap audio cassette-to-mp3 converters you find on Amazon! They offer sub-par conversions to a "lossy" codec -- this is not how you should archive material that is generally only transferred once. We only use full cassette decks, and we transfer in the uncompressed WAV or AIFF format. We can also provide version in smaller compressed AC3 or MP3 files that can easily be copied to your phone or computer.

We also offer award-winning iZOTOPE RX noise reduction and audio sweetening, highly recommended for both analog audio tapes and vinyl.