30 Years Experience with

all kinds of media formats

Old Disk Transfers

Do you have old floppy disks, or Iomega Zip or Jaz disks? Let me transfer them for you! I can put them on a USB thumb drive, CD or DVD, or hard drive. You'd be surprised at how much can be recovered, even from 25-30 year old disks! And you never know what memories, old photos and documents might be lost on the disks.

My rates are very competitive:

3.5" Windows floppy disks - $1.95 each

3.5" Mac floppy disks - $4.95 each

Iomega Zip 100 / 250 / 750 disks, Windows or Mac - $6.95 each

5.25" floppy diskettes, Windows or DOS - ASK

Minimum order: $40.

I do NOT charge for unreadable disks.

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