30 Years Experience with

all kinds of media formats

Video Tape Transfer

I can capture as highest quality 10 bit ProRes HQ or Avid format for documentary or archival purposes, burn to DVD, or import as H264 to a thumb drive or hard drive, ready to play on an AppleTV, phone, tablet, or other device. I can ingest 6 tapes at once, and save you lots of money and time in post production! For larger jobs (500+ tapes) I can add even more capture stations.

PROFESSIONAL ($15 small format, $25 large format):

- HDCAM, Digibeta, MPEG/IMX, Beta SP/SX (NTSC or PAL)

- HDV, miniDV / DVCAM (NTSC or PAL)

- DVCPro HD, DVCPro 50/25

CONSUMER ($15 up to 1 hour, $10 each additional hour)


- Digital8, Hi8, Video8 (NTSC or PAL)

LEGACY ($25 / tape, $10 extra per hour above 1):

- 3/4" Umatic SP

- Betamax / SuperBeta


DVD CONVERSIONS: After the file is imported and converted to H264 (if desired), I can author a simple menu, and burn it as a DVD for an extra $5. This contains the H264 version in the DVD-ROM content. Additional copies are only $4 each.

BLU-RAY / DVD AUTHORING: for more complex custom authored DVD and Blu-ray discs, contact me for a quote.

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