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Audio/Video/Film Transfer & Rentals

Tapes, film and optical discs degrade faster than you think... even well-stored professional formats! And they can become completely unplayable. Don't wait to transfer them to a more long-lasting format! Do you have a large library in different formats? Big documentary project? Archiving for a library or school? Memorial or tribute for a family member? No problem!

As a seasoned TV/film editor and colorist with over 290 credits and member of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, I have over 30 years experience with all kinds of audio/video formats and decks. Not all equipment is created equally! I have chosen legacy gear that has proven to provide the highest quality, and I am constantly researching the best way to transfer each kind of media. Online editing for television involves strict adherence to broadcast standards -- I have a very trained eye, and will accept nothing but the highest quality transfers. But because of my low overhead, I can still offer very competitive rates.

At A/V Gear Guy, your media is not imported by someone untrained making minimum wage. I touch every tape, film, or disc that comes through our company, and do all the color corrections.

NEW FREE SERVICE: WE CAN KEEP A PERMANENT BACKUP OF YOUR FILES! Never again worry about your photos, films, videos, audio recordings or documents being destroyed by natural disaster or theft (Conditions apply).